Powerful Post-its

A simple “work-hack” to help remind yourself of what you need to work on in order to keep growing.

As you can see, my office is full of artwork, toys, and things that inspire me (minimalism isn't my jam when it comes to interior design). But there is one sliver of the wall, between my monitors, that I keep post-it messages to remind me of the things I need to work on. This is a place that I am able to see whenever I’m at my desk, but is not highly visible to anyone else.

Right now the messages are:

"Discipline is the key to freedom."

One of my coworkers attended a seminar the other day and she came back with this line as the key take-a-way. When she shared it with me, it was one of those reminders that hit me like a lightning bolt! It is so easy to feel burdened down by the day-to-day. But I know when I feel that way, it is usually because I have lost focus and am letting things “happen to me” instead of having the discipline to take the reins and work through it. A schedule, a well crafted to-do list, and a healthy dose of discipline can truly be a path to freedom!

"Close the loop!"

How many tasks that can easily be done in mere minutes end up on a to-do list, clogging our thoughts and hanging over our heads? Don't put it off…just close the loop! More on this topic to come soon!

The Eisenhower Matrix

The Eisenhower Matrix, also referred to as Urgent-Important Matrix, helps you decide on and prioritize tasks by urgency and importance, sorting out less urgent and important tasks which you should either delegate or not do at all.” (eisenhower.me)

"CTFO before you BTFO"

This is from a Tim Ferriss article, The One Routine Common to Billionaires, Icons and World-Class Performers. The article is about meditation. He writes, “Of all the routines and habits, the most consistent among guests is some form of daily meditation or mindfulness practice. More than 80% of the world-class performers I interviewed shared this trait.”

The line "Chill the f#@! out before you burn the f#@! out” stood out as a great reminder to stay centered and not getting too hyped up around the day to day. A mindfulness practice can certainly help!

“Manure makes the garden grow!”

I sometimes have a hard time delegating the "crap work" that I hated doing as a young designer. So I tend to take them on myself. After attending a class during the Focus Training Elevate Institute where we talked about delegation, this phrase popped into my head when I got back to the office, "Manure makes the garden grow!" I realized that these types of projects were actually great learning opportunities for me, by delegating them I can help my employees grow…while freeing myself up to focus on the work I should be doing.


What are some of the ways you remind yourself of larger growth goals from day to day? How do you keep yourself motivated and focused on those goals? Please share in the comments below!