Program Updates Lead to Visual Branding Enhancements

In 2015, CPI (Crisis Prevention Institute) rolled out the first major updates to their program in more than 20 years. It was an opportunity to update and enhance the visual branding to distinguish the “legacy” content from the “enhanced” program, bringing a contemporary and premium feel to the corporate brand.

The Challenge: To visually distinguish the updated program without overwhelming current customers. To still feel like the same trusted company they know and love.

The Solution: To reinterpret and update the current brand guidelines without undergoing a complete rebrand.

A New Corporate Typeface

The corporate logomark is made of soft, round elements. The legacy typeface of Akzidenz-Grotesk was squared off and felt hard by comparison.

Updating the typeface to Avenir Next LT Pro with it’s rounded elements complimented the logo giving an approachable, modern update to the brand.

Whitespace Over Floods of Color

While not outside of the brand guidelines, previous designs were heavy with floods of browns, greens, and creams.

Moving forward, we used floods of color selectively, opting for crisp and clean white wherever possible. We also elevated the use of Corporate CPI Cyan as the primary color, instead of leading with the individual programs’ brand colors (Green, Pink, Purple).

Updated Program Identity System

The largest change to CPI's branding system was an update to the logos of their individual program offerings. The legacy system required the use of both the corporate logo and the program logo on all materials. Not only visually cumbersome, this system often lead to confusion around the brand itself. Was the program the primary brand? Was it CPI training or Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training?

The solution was to move all the programs under the CPI logo, thus resulting in the need for only one logo on any given piece of work. This streamlined approach brought clarity to the customers and elevated the awareness of the CPI brand.

Showing Success Over Fear

Imagery moved from fear-based and intimidating images to showing the success of our program by featuring happy and confident people.

A Bold, Fresh, & CONTEMPORARY Look

The legacy interpretation of the brand guidelines had left the brand feeling old and stagnant. A new, streamlined imagination of the brand brought new energy and excitement to the programs. The updates were implemented across the board, from marketing to training materials.