Prevention Is Our Middle Name

The Challenge: To engage C-Level decision makers, explaining a complex suite of offerings in a quickly digestible manner. To deliver the messaging to a wide variety of industries in one brochure.

The Solution: A brochure that makes an emotional connection up-front, and then delivers CPI’s unique value proposition and it’s wide portfolio of training solutions.


Project Team

Creative Director/Design:
Matt Juzenas
Copy Director/Copywriter:
Joanne Zimmerman
Marketing Director: Heather Vaughn Printer: Delzer Printers
16-CPI-BRO-001_v12-FINAL PRINT_Page_02.jpg

Emotional Connections

We couldn’t start talking about ourselves before we helped the reader see why they needed CPI. By pulling actual headlines, we hit a real fear of any leader…a news spotlight of negative events at their organization.

16-CPI-BRO-001_v12-FINAL PRINT_Page_07.jpg

Talking Price: direct & Head-On

CPI’s training is not inexpensive — many of our competitors claimed to be less expensive. We needed to help the reader see the lifetime value of our programs, instead of sticker-shock from the upfront cost of the initial training event.

16-CPI-BRO-001_v12-FINAL PRINT_Page_08.jpg

aligning values

What do you believe in? We took valuable real estate to make bold statements which would be thought provoking, difficult to contest, and ultimately align CPI with the reader and their organization.

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